Right Offer 
Right Time   
Right Channel
Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Platform
An Omni channel marketing automation platform, Credence handles huge volumes of data and delivers campaigns across all subscriber touch points in real-time. It enables businesses to target and communicate with customers, delivering new and incremental revenue streams, as well as helping with churn reduction. Credence is integrated with analytics engine to power segmentation and provide a way to maximize engagement. With the platform, reports can be generated in real time on campaign execution, and offer fulfilment to enable effective campaign management. The insight analytics tool assesses a campaign’s effectiveness, measures its results, and optimizes it across channels. So that a business can devise and execute fact-based, data-driven, and intelligent campaigns that increase the response rate and ROI.
360 Degree Profile
Capture data from various data sources to create a 360 ' profile. Ingest data from CRM, transactional data repositories and interfaces, Offline and online behavioral sources, and engagement responses. Data ingestion helps in creating a holistic customer profile. Profiling acts as building block of contextual engagement, allowing audience segmentation, personalization and one to one marketing.
Create micro-segments of your target audience, using a powerful combination of profile information and behavioral attributes. Auto updating of segment enables automation of campaign audience management, optimizing campaign targeting strategies. Advanced visual query editor helps creating segments on data points from vivid data sources all available on a single interface, and empowering smart customer targeting.
Contextual Engagement
Use customer activity and behavior as triggers, to design real-time, contextual engagement campaigns delivering right offer at the right time through the right channel for better conversions and ROI.
Multi-Channel Engagement Work Flows
Drag and drop interface to design engagement workflows to engage customers at every step of lifecycle. Build a unified engagement strategy across channels like: Notifications, In-app, SMS, Voice, Emails, and WhatsApp. Built in with advance flow controls.
Hyper personalized user engagements, helps in rendering relevant, personal and contextual messages across channels. Enrich on the fly your messaging with Audience profile data and transactional data across system. Hyper personalization helps to Use logic and conditional statements to adapt campaigns to users on the fly, depending on their attributes and current action and responses.
Policy Management
Achieve your marketing effectiveness, by defining your Engagement Policy, ensuring optimal spend of your marketing spend and avoiding customer disturbance and spamming. Features available are channel wise exclusion policy, impression limits, budget policy, blackout policy, and vendor traffic/fallback policy.