ACL Launches AXIOM for Karnataka Bank

6 Jul, 2015

ACL Launches AXIOM for Karnataka Bank
ACL’s AXIOM, a powerful Enterprise Messaging Platform had yet another prestigious deployment for Karnataka Bank based out of Bangalore.
AXIOM is a Centralized Platform for enterprises, organizations, and application providers offering bulk SMS and email push with efficient vendor management. Conceptualized to address the pain points of big and large enterprises who wish to streamline their processes/ applications / platforms/vendors at one end and simultaneously communicate and serve their customers efficiently at other end, AXIOM enables such enterprises to achieve their business objectives of maintaining uninterrupted communication at low costs.
Organizations face many challenges in today’s dynamic environment including diversified department needs, multi-user/ multi-location setups, non-visibility & standardization in messaging, and high user expectations. However, there is latency in time critical messages and lack of delivery confirmations. Time and again, there are gaps in departments, platforms, applications, processes and vendors for bulk communication over sms and email. Overcoming failures and measuring system performance became a tedious task with no preventive measure. The mismanagement in volume load seems like a threat to business agility and leads to customer (end user) dissatisfaction.
ACL’s AXIOM was developed to provide enterprises with a centralized platform to enhance message routing, increase processing and improve service quality.
Axiom fully automates notification procedure and efficiently pushes various alerts through multiple vendors. It comes with a complete multi-modal functionality via sms text and email for bulk push. The platform is extremely scalable and supports multiple connectivity protocols. The core platform enables real-time load distribution, priority based routing and auto SMSC failover support. It also has a flexible and modular architecture with an ability to integrate third party applications and an effective flow control mechanism to counter increased traffic load.
With real-time tracking of performance reports and comprehensive analytics; Axiom goes beyond basic messaging platform and ensures that the right information is communicated to the right people at the right time.