HDFC Bank services 6 million calls a month using ACL’s 5 seconds pulse call solution

12 Jul, 2015

India’s largest private bank services 6mn calls a month using ACL’s 5 Seconds Pulse Call Solution
HDFC Bank, India’s largest private bank launched ACL’s 5 seconds pulse call solution called “HelloInfo” to serve and engage their customers in a cost-effective way just a year back. Today, the bank is able to service 6 million calls a month with enhanced customer relationships and higher cost efficiencies.
The challenge faced by HDFC was to keep their customers updated without incurring any costs to them. The missed call option was not convincing as it resulted in revenue leakage for the telcos. Since the bank has global footprints with regional & national reach, it decided to put innovative systems in place to turn customer satisfaction into a competitive advantage.
‘HelloInfo’ is an IVR solution that acts as an informational voice tool. It allows enterprises to break the voice barrier and achieve convergence of sms and voice with better utilization of deployed assets. A self-service application in nature, HelloInfo improves the way you communicate and connect with your new generation consumers.
Deploying ‘HelloInfo’ enabled HDFC to achieve its key objective. In the process, HDFC empowered its end users to call on a toll-free number suited for their banking needs such as Balance Enquiry, Request for Mobile banking app download link, Last 5 transactions & Cheque book request.
The system plays a flat 5 sec message that informs the user that his requested information will be delivered on sms and thanks the customer. In addition to utilizing the telco network at very low costs, it reinforces HDFC brand in customer’s mind.
By partnering to develop and enhance solutions, HDFC and ACL have effectively met changing market demands, for the mutual benefit of both organizations and their customers.