Paychamp enters the Mobile Payments Market in partnership with Quikr

1 Jan, 2014

Paychamp enters the Mobile  Payments Market in partnership with Quikr
ACL Mobile entered the foray of Mobile Payments by launching Paychamp; it’s secure and easy-to-use mobile billing service for Quikr on 9th of December 2013.
Quikr, one of India’s classifieds companies opted for PayChamp to enable its mobile consumers to place premium ads by paying from their mobile bill. The service; currently live for Vodafone and IDEA users only has seen a reasonably good uptake since the time of launch.
Paychamp simplifies the process of mobile payments by charging users for digital goods & services through operator billing using the mobile phone bill or airtime. In addition, the user does not need to register, or be a credit or debit card holder to use Paychamp. By ensuring higher conversions, Paychamp enables digital businesses to profitably connect with over 700 million paying mobile phone users across India and Middle East. This makes it one of the most effective ways to pay through mobile.
About Quikr –
Quikr is India’s leading horizontal classifieds company. With users in 100+ cities using Quikr daily to buy, sell, rent & find; the platform has grown 10X in last 2 years in users and engagement. Quikr has dedicated mobile site and mobile apps across Android, iOS, Win8 amongst others. Nearly 10 million mobile consumers access their site through mobile browser or mobile app.
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