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Automated and personalised voice communications.

ACL’s Voice messaging platform employs intelligent business logic and advanced algorithms in order to enhance voice messaging services through a secured and scalable communication channel. Our voice messaging services including; Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Missed Call, and Voice OTP are a suite of creatively designed applications that adapts to an enterprise processes quickly to deliver a seamless experience. Built using state-of-the art tools and SaaS technology, ACL’s voice platform provides attractive turn-key applications to increase enterprises productivity, and enable businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience for sharper engagement, better business and enhanced revenue streams.

Business Services Consulting

Highly Secured

ACL’s services are hosted in a data-center offering highest level of multiple layered physical and e-security.

Industrial Goods & Services

Uptime Guarantee

Infrastructure uptime is guaranteed to be 99.99%

Performance Improvement


Tier 3 hosting data center: The request to Enterprise/third party application also happens over secured HTTPS.

Customer Strategy & Marketing

Incredibly Scalable

Our services are designed with highly scalable architecture and are integrated with multiple telecom operators.

Financial Services Consulting


Our voice services are flexible and highly configurable, enabling on the fly integration.

Infomation Technology Consulting

Redundancy and DR

Voice services and Database are backed up for quick disaster recovery. Voice calls can be sent over a pool of telecom lines providing redundancy and failure tolerance.

Outbound Dialing

ACL’s Outbound dialing is an intelligent customer communication platform empowering enterprises to send pre recorded messages of phone calls instantly and simultaneously to thousands of mobile numbers.  Businesses can now deliver real-time information to your target customers. 

Inbound Dialing

ACL’s Inbound Dialing services helps businesses address various routine queries of callers on their own thus automating the process and reducing the call load of agents. ACL’s Inbound dialing service helps organizations deliver exceptional service to the customers every time they connect with them. With the service, every customer interaction is handled appropriately across the enterprise to encourage proactive action.

Missed Call

Use our Missed call services to gain insights, help customers voice their opinion, participate in polls. An ideal tool for brand engagement, consumer engagement and lead generation, missed call is highly accepted in today's landscape. A highly effective customer verification & authentication tool. By combining the benefits of SMS & Voice; it also offers a great customer feedback solution.

Voice OTP

ACL’s voice platform guarantees assured delivery of critical and time-sensitive information across the globe via calls. Voice-based OTP is a 2-factor authentication tool that allows businesses to facilitate missed call based OTP generation for its customers. This quick and reliable notification solution ensures guaranteed delivery of information on consumer’s mobile; like transactional OTP, utility passwords, and alerts.